What we are?

We are No 1 smart intelligent search engine in the world. We provide bunch of business information which you’re actual looking forward and provide best options which fit in your criteria through our website and Application (Android as well as iOS). Today we are living in fastest and technical world where everyone need speedy solution with low efforts and effectiveness so that’s why we constantly maintaining and monitoring our directory for providing best solution to our valuable user. As we are service provider we create a bridge to connect user and customer for fulfil their needs and expand themselves in market.

Our motto, As we advisor for user to serve them best by giving them best, and as a service provider it’s our duty to provide business leads to our valuable customer.

What make us different than others?

We are not only provide business information to our end user same as other platforms but we also provide one of our extra ordinary service “Live Alert” through using our mobile application. Through these feature we send alert to our user where their needs fulfil on their route. Once user insert their bunch of items and service which they need to be purchase in end of the day simply added into the application. Our smart intelligent sense finding these end no of item/service constantly during end of journey and alert user when their need satisfied around them. Once user collect it once again application start continue to search remaining list of products/services in their end of the rout.

How it’s Works for our Clients?

Once, business listed in our platform our smart sense architecture generate traffic for our client. Like, Airotra call the customer behalf of our client indirectly for saving reputation and core value of the business. Our smart intelligent sense send alert and remind user for buying products/services that user is looking for is available in nearest store of their location so they can stop immediate and purchase their list of items from Airotra suggested store on mobile screen. So, it is a smart and valuable method to recall customer and save business core value.

What is ToDO ? And how it is helpful to us ?

ToDo is our smart intelligent service. Once you add items/service in ToDo list after click on “ ToDO “ button simply add all list of items/services in it and if you want any specific suggestion for any items so simply click on “ Notes “ symbol and write down your suggestion here and submit it.

Once your ToDo add into our platform our smart artificial intelligent program start to find out nearest store where these item/service available. When your item is available in nearest store at the negligible time your device start beeping and send alert massage to you for collection item/service from nearest store with full of store detail and location.

How to register my Business on Airotra ?

Step 1 : First write “ www.airotra.com “ in your browser Or Download Airotra App from play store and apple store

Step 2 : Click on login button then signup personal detail and login. Make sure your entered personal information is correct

Step 3 : Airotra home screen click on “ Add your Business ” button from menu and fill up the business form

Step 4 : Select item/service from “ item list “ which available in your store and go forward

Step 5 : After selecting items click on select Area from “ Area List ” where you want to promote/display your business. Your business location area is default area so you cannot set it in it.

Step 4 : Last but not least “ Payment ” tab in business registration form 6 Month free for all new registered business but if you go with our premium yearly package so simple select any “ Validity Year ” from dropdown and click on save button

Step 5 : After paying payment your business is live in each area where you promoted your business at registration time.

How to Register Event on Airotra ?

Step 1 : Go to www.airotra.com

Step 2 : Click on login button  signup  login

Step 3 : Airotra home screen click on “ Add your Events ” button from Manu and fill up the event detail form once submit form these event live only for you. You can share with your contact details.

Step 4 : After registering event Go to “ Dashboard “ through user profile tab and click on “ Events ” tab from menu.

Step 5 : Select Your event and click on button and select “ Event Broadcast ” tab after selecting preferred area where you want to broadcast event then click on submit button and pay payment.

Step 6 : After paying payment your event broadcasted in all selected area’s person mobile app.

How I get refund my money ?

As per our community standard we do not provide refund money to our customer once they start using any of our service.

What to do If Device do not send any alert massage regarding item found near location ?

If device do not send any alert massage then first check your internet connection then turn off/on location from mobile settings in both Android and IOS Device and then click on location pointer in Airotra Application to check City and Area name is auto fulfilled or not if you still facing these problems kindly contact us on 76 22 99 11 22.

IOS device not getting alert massage ?

You must have to start application in background for getting continuous alert massage. As per Apple’s policy standard Airotra did not find out items if the application/process killed. So, whenever you open Airotra app in IOS just click on Home button to continue application run in background for getting alert massage easily.